Free your podcasts from your computer ....
What is a 'podcatcher on a stick' ?

'podcatcher on a stick' is a small software that runs directly from* your mobile audio-device (e.g. a MP3-USB-stick) and downloads podcasts directly to this device.

* = "from" means the software is stored on the device and
can be started on almost every computer the device is connected to.

It was released July 2005 by Christian Rotzoll and Hagen-Christian Toennies as a part of the 'podcast[@]university' research project at the Bauhaus-University of Weimar/Germany.

Its a prototype demonstrating the possibility of a mobile solution to receive on demand audio & video content distributed thru a podcast.

"Podcatcher on a Stick" gets ""

Since April 2006 the idea of our program 'podcatcher on a stick' (POAS) has a new home called

The new software is called "myPodder" and offers a lot of more comfort. Together with the online services it will ease your everyday podcast experience (see it on rocketboom). 


If you are using the 'podcatcher on a stick' and you want to switch to the new 'myPodder' application ... check out this tutorial:

How to import your POAS podcastlist to myPodder

What is special about it?

Using the software gives you two great advantages:

1. Mobility - use it everywhere
By having your podcast-software stored on your local audiodevice, you can use it on every computer you are connecting to without further installation.

2. Direct download to MP3-Device
Podcast-audiocontent is directly downloaded to your audiodevice. You don't need to worry about copying files manually or having a music-management-software (like iTunes) installed. Just deconnect the audiodevice from the computer after downloading and start listening.

Download the prototype

Still wanna stick with
the old stuff ;) ?!?
Go to download.


The "Podcatcher on a Stick" software is part of the podcast[@]university-project 2005 at the
Bauhaus-University Weimar / Germany